My name is Christoffer Schou and I am a Norwegian music producer.
I have recorded music since 1999, and also released albums & EP's with
My project's/bands
Remington super 60 & Musique Le Pop

I have the recent years composed and produced music for several
TV advertising campaigns and movies, se below for selection.

In addition to this I also run the Norwegian label Cafe Superstar Recordings

If you run a publishing, sync or production company and like my music, please send me an e-mail and I will send you a promo CD/Zip!

Scroll down to see ads & films i have composed music to


I recorded a cover of the childrens rhyme "Girls and boys come out to play" for this McDonalds Ad airing in the UK


I composed this little piece for the worldwide TV campaign for Dove's "Natural Touch" line.

This is an interpretation of the old kids rhyme
"Miss Mary Mack" made for the Stimorol worldwide TV Campaign.

I licensed my song "sweet winter" to this scandinavian SAS (Scandinavian airlines) TV campaign

The song is featured on a EP released by my band Remington super 60

click here to download the EP with artwork for free!



I made this little tune for a British Kleenex TV ad I made this song for an Irish "Merci" TV campaign

I licensed my song "I love that casio keyboard"
to this ad For the Queensgate shopping center


I composed the music for this charming short film
made by Eirin Handegaard



The Norwegian kitchen supplier "Sigdal" is using my song "Little bit" in their new TV campaign.

The song is taken from the Remington super 60album "Happy as we were" released in 2004


I made the loungy song "pling" to a
"Cresco credit card" TV campaign.

Cresco is a Norwegian credit card company.

Female vocals once again by my girlfriend Elisabeth.
By a coincident this ad also stars my friend Thomas.




I made this little "surf " tune for a the Norwegian Phone company "Chess" the song was featured in 5 commercials.


I made this instrumental for a "Kanal Digital" Campaign.

I made 3 versions, one with female humming, whistling and guitar for 3 different ads.




I composed this song for the Danish liquer brand
"1 enkelt"
I made this song for a Polish "Tymbark juice" TV campaign.





The Norwegian airline company "Norwegian Air" used my song "Let's go to space" as an Outro for this TV Campaign. I was asked to produce the music the people in the
Kitchen are "Playing" This one is also for the Polish Juice brand "Tymbark"






The Norwegian Meat manufacturar "Gilde" is using
my song "Sola skinner i Dag" in this campaign.



Here is a clip from the Norwegian comedy "lange flate baller" using the song "sexy" I made for the end of this scene.

Lange flate baller is one of the biggest movie successes in Norway in recent years. The DVD alone has sold more than 200 000 copies in Norway.

I had 3 songs placed in the film, also made music for the DVD menu.

Lange flate baller at IMDB



This is a film made to showcase all the bicycle areas
in my home area.

Made for Visit Ostfold

The song is called "The Bicycle song"
Its also available on a free compilation
released by Eardrum. Download the comp from here

Information film for The Norwegian Psychological Association

Made by the fine people at: Mikro Film
Music is made by me.